About Us

METT provides customers with their best tools.

 The METT Program: In order to meet the new maritime industry demands and standards, it is vital to have a fully developed training program for all levels of endorsements, ratings and licenses in the maritime and environmental industries. According to a study by the U.S. Department of Transportation in 2013, the volume of cargo ships from China, Japan and South Korea is projected to triple by 2040!

The Maritime and Environmental Training Trust (METT) is the solution! By partnering marine transportation, environmental companies and labor, we are helping to create opportunities for the unemployed and underemployed. Through practical and classroom training, the METT provides a career path to highly skilled, good-paying jobs. The METT also provides a cost-effective solution to participating employers!

Our Team

  • Laura Kovary
    METT Trainer

  • Kenyatta Whitworth
    Training Director